SK-66A Automatic Double Ended Mortising Machine

  1. The machine is constructed of upper and lower circular sawblades and followed with molding spindles at both ends. Designed for performing burr-free cutting and molding at both ends in a single pass.
  2. Specially designed circulated chain feed system greatly upgrades machining efficiency.
  3. Japan-imported chain features high quality, maximum wear resistance and long service life.
  4. Plastic steel chain blocks assure maximum wear resistance and maximum feed smoothness.
  5. Separately mounted control box provides added operational convenience.
  6. Synchronized feed at both ends ensures outstanding molding accuracy.
  7. A digital controller provided on the control panel for operational convenience and high accuracy of cutting length.
  8. Feed chain and rail employ automatic lubrication system.
  9. Variable feed speed makes the machine ideal for cutting various soft and hard wood materials.


Processing Length 300-1300mm 300-1900mm 300-2500mm
Loading Speed
Sawblade diameter (optional)
Tilting degree of sawblade and moulding spindle
Turning speed of circular sawing blade
3000~3300R.P.M. 50~60Hz
No. of rails
Motor of circular sawing blande
Vertical shaft motor
Diameter of vertical shaft
Gp30mm( Standard specification)
Turning speed vertical shaft
6600~7200R.P.M. 50~60Hz
N.W./G.W. 1250/1500kg 1700/2000kg 2100/2500kg
Machine size (LxWxH) 2400x2200x1400mm 2980x2200x1400mm 3580x2200x1400mm
Shipping size (LxWxH) 2350x2300x1325mm 3100x300x1625mm 3700x2300x1625mm
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